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Rules & Bylaws

Two Sanctioned Shows on the Same Date at Same Arena

  • If two sactioned shows are on the same date at the same arena, a contestant will be allowed to roll their times over from the first show to the second show. Contestants will still be allowed to roll their Open time to the Youth or Senior. This change allows one open run to be rolled over to more than one event.

State Championship Show

  • The state championship show is not sactioned for district points.

Pee Wee Guidelines

  • All pee wee's that run at shows and are not NBHA members will be required to pay a $20.00 fee to be in the prize pool. When this is paid, the pee wee will be eligible to win district year end awards. This is implemented to make sure if the pee wee intends to compete for a year end award, they will be on our list and not missed.
  • Entry fee will be $5.00. There will be one run at all double headers.
  • No money will be paid back. Token prizes or trophies will be awarded to all pee wees for each run.
  • Pee wee’s must ride at three runs by August 1st to qualify for prizes.
  • Pee wee riders should be 10 years of age or younger. They are not eligible to ride in Youth or Open barrels if they ride in Pee Wee.
  • All pee wee’s may ride in Open poles


  1. Fast time at the last sanctioned ND 01 run for the year.
  2. Most number of ND 01 jackpots attended
  3. More points earned at the final jackpot regardless of division (EX: 5 points in the 3D would beat 2 Points in the 1D)
  4. Greater number of jackpots where points were earned throughout the series
  5. coin toss